Learning During COVID 19

St Andrew's School

Learning During COVID 19

These unprecedented times have been difficult for everyone, but the staff, pupils and and families of St. Andrew’s have risen to the challenge.

We always knew that by putting our children into St. Andrew's we would be doing the best for our children and even at this unprecedented time the school continues to show its high standards. 
Pre-School and Year 1 Parent

During the COVID-19 pandemic and enforced school closures, along with our IT partners London CLC, we created a new Pupil Portal to enable pupils to login to a bespoke Portal where they could access work that was set, watch online lessons from their teachers, submit work, and receive feedback. There was also regular communication between staff and families via emails, Portal messages and phone calls to check-in on progress and answer any specific questions or concerns.

I am so very grateful for this structure and I can see how much work and effort has been put into it by everyone. Year 2 Parent

I want to say a very big thank you to you and all staff at St. Andrew's School for stepping up to make things happen for our children and for creating a structured approach to their day. It made things a lot easier for us. 
Year 1 Parent

We are so proud that we were able to look after our key worker pupils throughout the lockdown and we were able to welcome five year groups back full-time to St. Andrew’s on 1st June, and the three remaining year groups back part-time by 22nd June. This meant that all pupils could be in school for the last three weeks of term in a safe and secure environment.

I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with the way you have all welcomed back the children. Our son has been so positive about it and really happy to be back with you. As parents we couldn't ask for more. Year 6 parent

We are back with all year groups full-time as normal for the start of the Autumn Term whilst adhering to all government and PHE guidance. However, we are fully prepared for different scenarios which could include blended learning where the children receive some teaching in-school and some online via Microsoft Teams and our Pupil Portal. Similarly, if learning has to be done completely online then our dedicated staff, are equipped to deliver a full teaching programme with live and recorded lessons via Microsoft Teams and the Pupil Portal. St. Andrew’s School have the available resources and expertise to support the children so that, no matter the difficult circumstances, we can help them all be the best that they can be.

I have been so touched by your communications. All the live lessons and pre-recorded teaching videos.   We really cannot thank the teachers enough for their hard work, commitment and amazing adaptability during these very challenging times.  
Year R and Year 4 Parent  

The daily work for our son was so encouraging, so thoughtful and innovative in engaging 4-5 year olds. We have appreciated the online videos and especially the creativity of teaching in these very different times for all of us. We have enjoyed the stories from you all and especially your video messages which have hit the note on the emotional side! We are proud and grateful that our son belongs to such a lovely community at St. Andrew's.
Year R Parent

We want to pay tribute to all the staff, families and pupils who have showed such extraordinary resilience and positivity throughout the last few months. It has been a privilege to see how the children have taken such an active role in their learning.

I just wanted to let you know that I feel the reception teachers have been fantastic over the last few weeks. The daily activity emails and online learning tools have been brilliant. It’s certainly suited our family very well and allowed us the flexibility that I think we needed for the reception aged children. Reception Parent

Thank you once again to all of you for making the last 9 weeks, like we are all still together at our wonderful school, you are all doing a fantastic job, truly. Year 5 and Year 2 Parent