Early Years Foundation Stage

St Andrew's School

Early Years Foundation Stage

Our principal expectation for the children in our care is to feel happy and safe, as well as developing a lifelong passion for learning.

Pupils in the EYFS are organised into Nursery, Pre-Reception and Reception classes, where they all follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This is divided into three 'Prime Areas' and four 'Specific Areas' of learning. 

As an independent school, we recognise the many benefits that the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum has to offer. In addition, one of our primary aims is for our pupils to be challenged academically. 

Prime Areas:

  1. Personal, Social & Emotional Development: Making Relationships, Self-Confidence & Self-Awareness and Managing Feelings & Behaviour.
  2. Physical Development: Moving & Handling and Health & Self-Care.
  3. Communication & Language: Listening & Attention and Understanding & speaking

Specific Areas:

  1. Literacy: Reading and Writing
  2. Mathematics: Numbers and Shape, Space & Measure
  3. Understanding the World: People & Communities, The World and Technology
  4. Expressive Arts & Design: Exploring & Using Media & Materials and Being Imaginative

We incorporate the more exploratory and creative areas of learning into our curriculum, alongside a structured academic programme in Reception for Literacy - including phonics, reading and writing - and Mathematical Development.

Young children learn best when they are motivated through playful learning experiences and are given opportunities to direct their own learning both indoors and within outdoor environments.

Our EYFS classrooms are extremely well resourced and organised in order to spark curious minds, encourage sustained shared thinking, promote fundamental British values and cater for individual learning styles.